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Protect your data, your freedom and your control with our free-feeling social media application, uMOON and earn crypto while using it! It’ll change the way you look at content forever.

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You Have the Power to Change the World

You – one, single user – have the power to help us transform the digital world into a fair, free place where people are valued as much as the content that they create. Are you ready to join us?

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You have the power to change the world

"... The opportunity to be an early member of the UNIMOON movement, & follow the pioneering steps of the UNIMOON team, is closing rapidly. UNIMOON is preparing to launch the token that may one day be the currency that billions of users receive for social media interactions..." (read the original article)
"... The uMoon social media app rewards content creators and content consumers with the UNIMOON coin. The platform will be built on a decentralized blockchain and redistribute ad revenue to users based on various measurements of merit and activity..." (read the original article)
"... Driven by the desire to see this project come to life, the UNIMOON team is currently holding fundraising rounds in order to tokenize the smart chain and further the development of their project. This step-by-step approach will undeniably allow for UNIMOON to gain exposure, gather traction, and will eventually lead to a migration of the token LP to the final Layer-1 Blockchain...." (read the original article)
"... It aims to solve the problem of “lack of sovereignty & privacy for individual users”. The team has the task of creating a new system logic, with the purpose of having a model that is practical, sustainable, scalable, and attractive for users..." (read the original article)


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Better Tech for You

There’s more to decentralized blockchain networks than better privacy. We’ve taken the time to make sure that our applications and designs have what they need to make your life easier, faster, and simpler than ever before.

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We’re Closer Than You Think

Our dedicated team has spent countless hours perfecting our approach, and we’re getting ready to attack. With an MVP ready in the next few months, our community members – and the world at large – are waiting anxiously for our great reveal. Will you be there to see it too?


Our UNIMOON Community

If you have any questions, concerns, or compliments about our social media blockchain applications or platform, give us a shout.


The UNIMOON Revolution

We’re breaking down the barriers of technology and creating a simple, seamless, and free-feeling social media application that will change the way you look at content forever.


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